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The College of Recreation & Health Management ( CR&HM) is established in 2009. It includes  the Department of Recreation and Healthcare Management, the Department of Tourism Management, the Department of Sports Management, the Department of Hospital and Healthcare Administration, and the Department of Senior Citizen Service Management.

Training health-related professionals is the main goal of the College of CR&HM. Recreation refers to activities outside of work , such as activities  related to entertainment, travel, tourism, and sports. Recreation can also facilitate people’s health and quality of life.. Well-managed recreational resources and established health management system essential to enhance the quality of life in our society. The major goal of the College of CR&HM is to provide trainings for professionals in the fields of recreation and health services.

The College of CR&HM is committed to promoting excellent teaching and research in the fields of recreation and health management. Students are required to acquire and practice technical skills and learn how to solve problems related to recreation science and health management. Furthermore,  learning a second language and the acquisition of high-level interpersonal skills are also required. Through our  programs, students will acquire the skills, knowledge, and competencies they will need for future employment. After graduation, students will be well-prepared and qualified  for employment opportunities in hospital, hotels, restaurants, clubs, healthcare centers, and travel agencies. We warmly invite all those who are interested in working in or conducting research in the fields of recreation science and health management to join us.

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